Katoen Natie "Did You Know " Campaign

Katoen Natie Singapore approached us to conceptualise and produce a series of 30-second video's for their social media media platforms.
It was a challenging project: just after the project kicked off, Singapore went into lockdown.
We had to look for a different direction as we couldn't go out filming.
We reinvented ourselves and our business by producing this campaign using mostly stock and existing footage.
As we moved along, the client loved the DID YOU KNOW-series and kept on asking for more videos. We ended up creating dozens of them.
The series has been launched by Katoen Natie Singapore early September.
The first movie is very special to us, not only because it is the only one we could actually film before the circuit breaker but more importantly because it focuses on female force.
Did You Know - Now You Know is our signature project of 2020.
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